Rhine cycle tour: trip costs

Below I have put together a spreadsheet of the costs we incurred to set up for our trip. Perhaps this may be useful to someone thinking of doing something similar. Since we had neither bikes nor camping equipment (although we did have our double Croozer bike trailer/pusher) before deciding to undertake the trip it is a fairly comprehensive list of what you may like to consider for a holiday like ours.

We had a daily budget of 50 euros to cover food and accommodation and we were able to keep to this for the entire trip (on average). We did not wild camp at any point in the trip (excluding one night with extenuating circumstances) and we found camping prices to vary widely – Switzerland (obviously) was expensive (for everything) and France was definitely the cheapest. Within this budget we were also able to eat out a few times and treat ourselves to a beer or wine here and there.

I spent a good deal of time researching tents for family cycling before deciding on the Quickhiker Ultralight IIII. Largely on the basis of the review on the Travelling Two website , which really covers everything you would need to know about this tent if you consider buying it. It did not disappoint us, easy to put up and pull down and very light for the price. If you do consider buying it then definitely buy the tapis which fits the foot print of the tent not only to protect the floor of the tent but also to provide you with a surface to sit on in the alcove.

Trip costs XX


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