Day 14 Lorelyblick to Koblenz (48 km)


The middle Rhine continues with unbelievable weather and amazing vistas!

Out of Lorelyblick we immediately passed through St Goar and the Rheinfels Castle on our left. From our vantage point down at the river we couldn’t see much and it would have been great to climb up but having only just set out for the day and with the dilemma of where to safely park our bikes and gear we continued on.

The middle Rhine’s abundance of castles doesn’t disappoint, we caught view of Schloss Maus just around the bend on the other side.

The bike path followed right along the river’s edge onto Bad Salzig with a view onto the Sterrenberg and Liebenstein castles. The two castlesface each other and offer a delightful legend of feuding brothers, Crusades, cousinly love, a Grecian princess who ultimately cannot tolerate a northern European winter and of suicide (of a heart broken brother that is). The kind of tale that has something for everyone.

Passing the gorgeous little towns of Boppard and Spay, with half-timbered houses facing out towards the river, we turned the river bend to yet another castle, which we didn’t hesitate to photograph ourselves in front of (Schloss Marksburg).


On the very southerly outskirts of Koblenz we relaxed the budget to enjoy a riverside schnitzel and local beer.


The cycle way into Koblenz is beautiful. It hugs the river and passes though mostly park lands all the way to Deutsches Eck, the meeting of the Rhine and Mosel rivers where there is a large replica statue of Emperor Wilhelm I on horseback.

Koblenz was the destination for the day but the nearest campsite, or at least the one I chose was around the bend and about 10 km south down the Mosel. The bike paths around Koblenz continued to be fantastic, we followed around the northern edge of Koblenz and across the Mosel, before arriving at Camping Gülser Moselbogen.

We set up and whilst Emilie went to the shops to re-stock I took the girls down to the small river “beach” with views onto the vineyard across the river. The water was cold and I waded in up to my waist while the girls befriended the local German kids. It is such a pleasure to see kids with no common language play and laugh with each other. After a while Emilie returned with beer and cheap rhubarb flavoured alcohol pop, for which she should have been ashamed. We sat in the sun watching the kids and relaxed.

To see the route, elevation profile, etc., click the link to Ride with GPS below (it should be able to be embedded but WordPress does not allow this).



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