Day 11 Philippsburg to Worms (65 km)


Since we had needed to head off the planned route to have a campground the previous day, we decided to self-navigate on the fly the hypotenuse of the triangle back, rather than re-trace our tracks. This turned out to be quite easy, with only one German lady calling out to us from her house that we had missed the turn and were going the wrong way (at least that is what we assumed she was saying and she was right if it was). We made it back to the official route after about 16 km. The first ferry we had hoped to take back across the river was closed and we had to ride a little higher to Speyer and cross at the bridge.

The route passed some nice scenery but for the most part continued to be spotted with industry. After reaching Mannheim, briefly checking out Schloss Mannheim and navigating the cloverleaf-like highway junction we crossed the river again. We skirted the massive BASF chemical plant and made a couple of detours around significant road works.

Our final run into Worms was though open farm land, along the excellent bike ways. We pulled into Canoeing club on the edge of town, which was all but empty except for two or three club member in caravans, and asked to stay the night.  For what it was, the camping was unusually expensive (20 euros) but the cost shock was somewhat diminished but the very cheap and cold self-serve German wheat beer from the club fridge.


To see the route, elevation profile, etc., click the link to Ride with GPS below (it should be able to be embedded but WordPress does not allow this).


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