Day 10 Seltz to Philippsburg (81 km)


Leaving the campground we set personal best: 9:05 am. We made through the town of Seltz proper and then down to the river. At the river we past a nice looking campground (Le Salmungrund) which may well have been quicker to get to at the end of the previous day than where we had ended up, and may well have been where we were meant to meet up with the doppleganger couple. It was here that we came to realise that what Google shows you when you search for “camping” changes depending on how far into the map you zoom. Also, using the German “Zelt” often brought up camping grounds which were not shown when using English search terms. Understanding this quirk of Google and taking it into consideration when searching for camping grounds was very useful for the remainder of the trip. A couple of times we would have missed campgrounds and had to have cycled either for a long way further on the route or way off the route to reach the sites offered by Google without searching multiple times with different search terms and at different zoom levels of the map.

Along the perfectly paved cycle trails and just before the small waterway which marks the French/German border, we passed a scene where a middle aged woman had obviously come off her bike, wearing no helmet. She was on the ground and bleeding from her nose. She looked concussed. There were three or four people around her, which we assumed we were family. We asked if they need help and they declined.

We continued to the ferry at Neuberg, when the ferry arrived we, and the waiting vehicles, boarded. We then saw an ambulance with lights and sirens coming towards the ferry, from what we could make out they were responding to a call for an injured cyclist. Emilie went over and tried to describe where we had seen the woman as they were unable to locate her. The ambulance was German but we were sure that the woman was on the French side of the border, they raced back down the cycle path towards her. Morale of the story: wear a helmet (and avoid getting injured very close to a border if you can!).


We continued along gravel forest paths and towards the centre of Karlsruhe. The cycling infrastructure was amazing and for probably 15 km we made our way through parklands, which without a map, one would not have known were in the middle of a large city. At the train station we exited the cycle paths for about a kilometer and made a straight line up towards Schloss Karlsruhe. We stopped right out the front where a food truck convention was being held. We couldn’t resist and the budget surplus which had been gained by staying for free in the “walking dead” campsite was used to buy burgers and various food truck treats.

While eating our food truck swag we checked the map and looked for a camping ground to make for. We had already done about 45 km and it was only lunch time. We felt we had the legs to do the same again, and it was lucky since the only camping ground which was even close to being on our route was about another 40 km away and on the other side of the Rhine (about 7 km off the route).

Out of Karlsruhe the riding was as nice as entering the city. We exited through the gardens and forest to the north of Schloss Karlsruhe. We crossed back onto the western side of the river by ferry near Leimersheim and then crossed by bridge back again at Germersheim. Then we made the final run into Philippsburg and Campingplatz Freyersee. The campsite was perfectly nice and we enjoyed a beer while we watched the girls play in the small lake which has nice views of the Kernkraftwerk nuclear power station.


To see the route, elevation profile, etc., click the link to Ride with GPS below (it should be able to be embedded but WordPress does not allow this).



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