Day 3 Bregenz to Kreuzlingen (65 km)


Following the Cicerone guide book, we had the choice of taking a route to the north or south of Lake Constance. We chose the southern route as it avoided the need to take the ferry but not really for any logical reason. We were enjoying Switzerland so much and the southern route kept us there for a little longer. As the guide book suggested, the route around the lake is very popular with German holiday makers and the bike paths were reasonably busy.

We followed the railway line east which had taken us from Basel to Chur a few days earlier. The line skirts the lake and at times is only several meters from the water. Crossing the line, backwards and forwards we headed towards Konstanz. The ride was mostly flat apart from a few small pinches here and there and the day was warm and sunny (26 deg), several times my iPhone overheated in the sun. Probably because of the overheating phone, I only took two photos for the day but the lake scenery was actually very photo worthy.

We chose to stay at Fischerhaus Camping, which was a perfectly nice camping ground but the most expensive of our entire trip (CHF 37). If there had been other less expensive options we may well have rode on to one. However, camping there, you also receive admission to the water park next door. We threw the tent up and headed over. The girls loved the slides and the cool water was great for the legs and butt which were still becoming accustomed to riding every day. We stayed until closing.

We returned to the campsite, which was much fuller than when we had left. We met a nice middle-aged German couple from Munich who were about to join up with the Eurovelo6  and head across France. They were enjoying a somewhat different experience than us. He was cycling unassisted but she admitted that the cycling was more a pursuit of her husband and was on a high-end Giant electric-assisted mountain bike. They, not having to carry the gear of two small freeloaders, had a great set up; ultralight camping chairs, gourmet food, Turkish coffee pot and milk frother… we were envious. They told us about all the museums and galleries which they had had time to walk through. The next day we passed them sitting out the front of a coffee shop. By chance we also camped next to them two days later in Waldshut; we found them relaxing in the sun when we arrived. We promised ourselves that we would take this different kind of cycle touring trip when we didn’t have to tow two small children.

To see the route, elevation profile, etc., click the link to Ride with GPS below (it should be able to be embedded but WordPress does not allow this).


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