A month in Bormes les Mimosas

A month goes by quickly in beautiful and sunny Bormes les Mimosas!

It’s funny that no matter how much time you have, you always seem to fill it. Our “working” days have begun at 7am and finished at 10am, followed by croissants and coffee with our hosts and fellow workaways. Despite having the entire rest of the day free, we have had no chance for boredom. Probably in large part due to the relentless parenting duties but also because we have enjoyed access to the gorgeous local beaches, markets and sights.

The workaway experience (our first) has been fantastic. Our workaway hosts have been kind and interesting and we get to work in a garden with amazing views down onto Le Lavandou and Ile du Levant.

We have been living in a nice little apartment “down in the village” below and have climbed the hill through the rocky staircases up to the bottom of the garden every morning for work.

The garden is an eclectic mix of palms, citrus, Australian natives, cacti, fruiting trees and flowering plants. The vegetable garden has supplied us with so many courgettes that we have grown tired of them. We have feasted on figs and the girls have thoroughly enjoyed picking cherry tomatoes straight from the vine to the mouth.

The work had been varied and enjoyable: extending and troubleshooting irrigation, staining the wooden panels on the new “abri”, weeding, pruning, cleaning rooms, ironing, planting, raking paths, shredding, watering… Never the same day and in beautiful surroundings. The garden is so large that there will always be something to do or some new project to embark upon.

Given the freedom, which to some degree has been forced upon us, we are also in a position to accept the offer from our hosts to be the caretakers of the house and garden over the winter, as they will return to their other home in the US. So our immediate plans are now that we will undertake the Eurovelo 15 cycle route and then return to Bormes les Mimosas, the house and the garden until March 2017. Our eldest child will attend the local school and we will do the caretaking. There should be ample time for us to explore some other opportunities during this time, in terms of filling our day (improving Mark’s French being a top priority).

For now all that is left is one more day to soak up the garden, sow the seeds which will provide the winter vegetables for the family, clean the apartment,pack the bags and then ride the 50 odd km to Toulon to catch a night train heading towards Switzerland.






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